Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull Search Popularity on the Rise

By Raymond Britt

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson is bringing the Thick as A Brick 2 (TAAB2) world tour back to America (and to Highland Park, IL on July 22), where his popularity is sharply on the rise, according to recent google search trends. It's a well-deserved boost for Ian, whose state-side tours in recent years, and TAAB2, have earned high praise from audiences and critics alike.
Peaking Interest. An increasing number of fans seem to be flocking to google to learn about the tour, Tull, Ian, Thick as a Brick, Aqualung and more.

How hot are the trends? See the color-coded World and US geographic heat maps -- the deeper shades indicate where Ian and TAAB2 are making the greatest impact. For more, see Ian's and Jethro Tull's new site: www.JethroTull.com.